Twitch Streamer Series- Part 56

Twitch Streamer Series- Part 56

Every gamer is unique on their names and their approach to streaming but they all have one goal in mind- to have fun and show their viewers that they love what they do. This fun streamer enjoys showing everyone how to have a fun time while in his stream.



  1. What is your twitch name?


2. Is there a reason why you chose that name?

Actually, I didn’t choose this name on my own. It was actually given to be by a friend from my last online community I was a part of many years ago. Almost a decade ago, actually.. My real name is Nick, and that friend took my name and made it goofy. He started to call me Nackers all of the time and it caught on. At the time, my online handle was BuhbaFette and I had grown tired of that name. So I decided to adopt the name Nackers. Since this is a common name, I spell it ‘Naaackers’ with three A’s since it’s usually not taken anywhere. Been that ever since.

3. Why did you become a Twitch streamer?

Many years ago, my brother told me about this website where you could broadcast yourself playing video games. He had originally started to explore the platform because he wanted to shed some light on the gaming community he was and still is running. I just streamed to provide some entertainment and content for that community and it’s members, and it eventually grew into a hobby. Now, it’s my #1 hobby.

4. How long have you been a streamer?

                 I have been on twitch for a total of 4 years now. I streamed for 1 year, took a year off, and then came back and never left.

5. Do you only stream or do you have another job? And if you’re comfortable saying what, what is your other job?

                 I do have a full time job, I am a Network & IT Administrator for a small charter school district.

6. What are you favorite games to play?

            My favorite types of games to play, especially on stream, are multiplayer games. Right now my number one favorite game is Rocket League. I also dabble in a lot of shooters.

7. What are you favorite games to stream?

                My favorite game to stream is Rocket League, hands down. Second favorite would have to be a tie between Towerfall and Gang Beasts. Alternatively, there is only one thing I love streaming as much as video games, sometimes even more. Talk shows. I’ve been podcasting live on Twitch for a total of three years, and it has to be some of the most fun i’ve had on Twitch.

8. Do you have any games you recommend to readers to play and why?

Bioshock and Half Life, all of them. That is all that needs to be said.

9. Was it hard to talk to your viewers when you first became a streamer?



               Not for me no, I’ve never had an issue talking to chat. But that doesn’t mean my show was any kind of enjoyable to watch. I go back and look at my streams from when I first started and it is TERRIBLE. I can’t say that I am still 100% comfortable. I still get nervous every time I go live. Just the nature of the beast.

10. Would you like to tell my readers anything else about yourself or your channel?

                There is really only a few things I can say about myself. I love playing video games, especially with friends. I love podcasting (Crocs and Hot Pockets is the show in case you’re interested) and I love building relationships with great human beings. I pride myself if looking out for the people that mean the most to me, and backing them up when it’s needed. I don’t stand for draining, negative Nancys in my life and I’d rid you from my environment as fast as possible if need be. I’m loud, inappropriate sometimes and just love having fun. Rocket League is life.


Like he said, don’t be a negative Nancy and you will have an amazing time on his stream. Go check him out on his channel at:











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