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Beating the Storm

Beating the Storm

The sea roughly pushes the ship towards the angry rocks as they captain struggles to turn the unresponsive wheel, his gruff grunting filling the ears of his crew. The two couples cling to one another as they sit in the belly of the ship and struggle to keep upright as the waves push on either side of the ship while their hearts pound in their chests, eyes wide with fear. Waves crash up against the side of the ship, the gray clouds hovering low in the sky, and the wind screaming at them as it tires to intimidate the small crew of the ship. The sails stretch as far as they can in the wind, nearing their ripping point as they battle to keep together. The captain yells to his crew orders to try to win the fight to save his ship, The Whispering Mermaid. His golden aged brown eyes fill in fear as the rocks loom ahead of them and his heart pounds in his chest at the thought of hitting the rocks, losing his crew, the guests, and his ship.

The waves slam the ship again causing the crew to nearly fall and the couples down below cling to one another as they to try to keep their seats, sliding a bit down the bench seats they are perched on. The angry sky spits out lightning and stronger winds, while the clouds begins to throw heavy rain down on the ship, the sails now bending downward. As he had feared, the Captain watches the storm grows stronger outside the front window, looming over them like an angry god. He turns his solemn golden brown gaze to his crew and wonder if it would even be safe for them to try to escape in the lifeboats with the hungry waves outside. Flashes of light race across the sky as images of the lifeboats being over turned by the monstrous waves frightens the Captain’s mind. Fear and dread makes his heart sink as he stares off to the horizon not sure what he can to in order to save everyone on his doomed ship.

The ship rolls dangerously to the left side then flies back to the right, spilling cold ocean water onto the deck, making it dangerously slippery. The captain feels the wheel slip out of his hands and he crumbles to the ground surrounded by his crew who had also lost their footing after the last tumble in the waves.

And as quickly as the storm had hit them, it vanishes, leaving behind beautiful blue skies and fluffy white clouds with a bright happy yellow sun happily shining down on the battered ship. The crew slowly pick themselves up off of the ground and quickly begin to check one another for injuries before they spread out to check the ship for any damage. They grab tools as they head out in order to take care of the ship while the Captain stands, collecting himself and taking a hold of the wheel in shaking hands. The couples appear on the bridge beside the Captain, visibly shaken by the entire experience, still clinging to one another. He reassured them that everything is okay and that his crew is checking on the ship to make sure that it is fine to get them back to land. The crew returns to let the Captain know that there was a few dings here and there but they have patched up anything that they needed, the ship still floating.

The Captain sighs happily as he turns the wheel so that they can head back to land and to safety. The ship silently cuts through the calm waters, leaving the Bermuda Triangle behind them and the freaky out-of-no-where storm that had hit, the storm vanishing deep inside the Triangle where it will wait for the next ship of plane that carelessly crosses that way. The couples head out onto the deck at the front of the ship, and they each let out sighs of relief as they let the gentler wind brush past them, calming their nerves. The Captain steers the ship back towards the dock so that he can deliver everyone safely away from the thought of another storm that could possibly hit again without warning.

The Storm

The Storm

Dark clouds roll across the sky, squashing out the happy blue to leave an angry deep gray sky above. The clouds crash together which causes huge droplets of water to fall to the earth below, pounding the ground, plant life, animals (of land, sea, and air alike), and humans without a care in the world. Lightning races across the sky several times, lighting up the nasty gray clouds in a brilliant yellow, before the boom of thunder shakes the houses below and causes cars to scream out in surprise from the sudden force of sound.

Two figures step out from their home and sit on a chair under the safety of their covered porch, the wind having picked up but not daring to spray the two with the cool rain droplets. The first, a tall woman, sits on the bouncy porch chair then pulls the second smaller figure, a little girl, onto her lap. The mother points up at the dark sky, showing her young daughter that the storm isn’t so scary if you face it head on. Thunder booms again causing her child to squeal in terror, cover her ears, and push her face into the safety of her mother’s chest.

The girl’s mother smiles down at her as she rubs her back gently, telling her again that there is nothing to fear, that the thunder is only the sounds of the sky’s stomach rumbling because it is angry with hunger. She brushes her daughter’s light blonde hair back from her little face as she hears a small giggle and points back out at the rainy world, telling her to look again. Wide yet little blueish-green eyes turn up to the sky as she twists to face away from her mother in time to see lightning as it streaks down to the ground, showing its brilliance more that just in a quick random flash of light. It allows the girl to see that it is made up of a fascinating and bright squiggly line that reaches down its bolt in order to brush the ground. Amazement soon replaces fear as she sits up in her mom’s lap, pointing out another bolt as it races down from the clump of clouds to its destination somewhere to the west of them.

They sit together for a bit longer, snuggled close, as the storm continues to rage on around them. The little girl watches bravely as the lightning soars through the sky and the rain plummets to the ground and listens without covering her ears as the thunder loudly shouts out to let everyone know that it’s still there, not striking fear in her little heart this time and not setting off the annoying car alarms. The deep gray clouds move together as one as the storm moves, pushing the rain this way and that but never towards the mother and daughter pair sitting on their porch. Each cloud lightens up as it throws bolt after bolt around as if playing some mad game of volleyball then sends it leaping down to the earth.

Finally tiring of the storm watching, the two stand, stick their hands out into the rain to allow the rain to kiss their palms a few times, and retires back into their house, the door closing out the site of the storm but not the sounds. Inside, they enjoy drinks of cold water, a few games, and other fun playtime before it is time for mom to make dinner before dad came home from work, all the while the storm begins to lesson and the sounds begin to grow quiet. The little girl peers out of the closed window feeling proud of herself for she has overcome her fears of thunderstorms.